Discover Cuba with Confidence - With Pantaenius America

As a premiere provider of U.S. yacht insurance, Pantaenius America Ltd. is now offering coverage for American yacht owners who wish to take their boats to Cuba. 


No More Detours!
Though a mere 90 miles from the coast of Florida, Cuba has been off limits to most U.S. yacht owners for over fifty years. Pantaenius now has the green light and has become the first U.S. yacht insurance provider to offer coverage to American citizens traveling in Cuban waters.

Premiere Coverage
Pantaenius America can now add Cuba to its existing navigation areas for Florida and the Caribbean. Applicants for coverage to Cuba will be required to affirm that they will abide by U.S. regulations and that they qualify for one of the 12 general licenses that allow U.S. citizens to travel legally to Cuba for up to 14 days.

Experience Matters!
The Pantaenius Group (through its European offices) has decades of experience insuring non- U.S. yachts traveling to Cuba and handling their claims. This expertise makes Pantaenius the unparalleled experts in navigating the significant red tape involved should a claim arise in Cuba. 

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