Giving Back

March 21, 2018

Pantaenius America Introduces New Initiative to Benefit Yacht Club Junior Programs

If you’re a member of a yacht club that has a Junior Program, spread the word!

Pantaenius America Ltd. has a long tradition of fostering a love of sailing, particularly among youth. “We recognize that sailing sharpens self-confidence and analytical skills that last a lifetime—both on and off the water,” says Pantaenius America president Cary R. Wiener. “For this reason, we are proud to introduce the Pantaenius America WIN/WIN Program, a special incentive for yacht clubs with Junior Programs that will provide funds to support these programs.  

Junior Programs Win

For every new yacht insurance policy purchased from Pantaenius America by a yacht club member, we will donate 5% of the first year's policy premium to that yacht club’s Junior Program. These funds can be used for equipment, supplies—whatever the participating yacht club’s Junior Program needs.

New Clients Win, Too

Pantaenius America Ltd. is part of the Pantaenius Group, which boasts 50-plus years of experience and insures over 100,000 yacht owners worldwide. Pantaenius America insures boats and yachts 27’ and over, is licensed in all 50 states and has five offices in the U.S. Highlights of the Pantaenius America policy include: 

Agreed Fixed Value
in case of total or constructive total loss, with no depreciation or deductible. 

New for Old
if your vessel is damaged and needs new parts for repairs.
Pantaenius will cover partial damage, without depreciation, up to the agreed insurance sum. 

No Deductibles
for lightning, fire, total and constructive total loss.
No special storm deductible for vessels above 30.5 degrees North Latitude. 

Exclusion of Implied Warranties of Seaworthiness 
Unlike its competitors, Pantaenius America will not use the harsh terms of Absolute Implied Warranty of Seaworthiness to deny coverage.

Coverage for Latent Defects
including the defective part, insured at no extra expense. 

Broad and Worldwide Navigations
available regardless of your vessel's registration, flag ownership or crew nationality.

For more information, as well as materials you can share with your yacht club about Pantaenius America’s Win/Win Program, email us at