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Weather Forecast for the Newport Bermuda Race 2016

Wednesday, 22nd of June

S-SW breezes will be persistent over the next 48 hours. Expect light to moderate breezes at Bermuda and n'ward to approximately 33N today through tomorrow, then become moderate to, at times, fresh breezes tomorrow night through the 24th as a series of fronts pass to the north. The highest winds will be confined near 33N. North of 33N to 34N, SW winds will be fresh today through tonight, then become fresh to strong breezes (highest near 34N) tomorrow through the 24th. LOW to moderate SE swells today will mix with moderate W-NW swells tonight through tomorrow. The swells will become SE'ly LOW to moderate sets tomorrow night through the 24th.

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Tuesday, 21th of June

Moderate SW-W'ly breezes are currently in place between 34N-35N and 67W-65W, with light to gentle NW-W'ly breezes south of 33N to Bermuda.  This will tedn to change little over the next 12 hours, with winds then shifting to more S-SW'ly and becoming uniformly moderate to fresh in strength from Bermuda north to 34N by tomorrow night due to the front passing off to the north. The winds will ease slightly into the 23rd while tending SSW-WSW'ly, then freshen back to moderate to fresh breezes into the 24th as yet another front moves east from the Mid-Altantic U.S.  There will be localized higher gusts in/around squalls.

As for swells, these will tend SW'ly and average 3-5 ft between 34N and 33N, with lower SE-S'ly sets closer to Bermuda.  This overall pattern will change little through tomorrow, with larger W-SW'ly sets near 6-7 ft then occurring near 34N late tomorrow night into  the 23rd and persisting as such into the 24th (while continuing to remain lower near Bermuda).

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Monday, 20th of June

Winds will ease and veer from NW-N-NE from moderate to fresh breezes north of 34N to light breezes south of 34N to 33N through the rest of this morning. The proximity of the COLD FRONT near Bermuda will keep light, and at times variable, W-SW-SE breezes between 33N and just north of Bermuda this afternoon. Over Bermuda and immediately south and ease, S'ly winds will remain fresh to strong breezes through this afternoon and evening. The winds will gradually diminish and become SW-WSW overnight from fresh to strong breezes to more moderate breezes by daybreak. The winds will gradually veer to more W'ly by late morning tomorrow and become light breezes by then. This will last through the rest of the day tomorrow. Light to moderate W-SW breezes will remain north of 33N through the day tomorrow. The winds will slowly become light to moderate S-SW breezes through the day on the 22nd.

N-NE swells of 6-8ft between 34N and 33N will gradually lower through early this afternoon, particularly near 33N. South of 33N, the swells will become more S-SE and build back up to 6-8ft (highest near Bermuda) through this afternoon. The swells will gradually subside overnight to near 4-6ft by daybreak tomorrow morning and lower to Sw'ly 2-4ft overnight tomorrow night. S-SW swells will gradually build (particularly northwest of Bermuda) up to 3-5ft (highest late in the day) on the 22nd.

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Sunday, 19th of June

Fresh to strong NE-E'ly winds, with near GALE force gusts, will persist across waters along your route from 36N to 33N during the next 12 hours.  The LOW PRESSURE approaching from the south will then allow for winds to rapidly veer from NE-E-SE-S'ly overnight into tomorrow morning, while easing to moderate to fresh breezes.  SE-S'ly winds are forecast to persist over and north of Bermuda to 34N from tomorrow morning through tomorrow night, before shifting to to S-SW'ly into the 21st. These S-SW'ly will persist into the 22nd. 

Larger, moderate period NE'ly swells averaging 9-12 ft are in place from Bermuda north toward 34N and will persist through late tonight, then gradually abate overnight into tomorrow morning as the LOW lifts north.  The swells will transition to SE-S'ly near and immediately north of Bermuda by tomorrow afternoon and will persist through tomorrow night, averaging 6-8 ft.   These will become S-SW'ly into the 21st and abate further.

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Saturday, 18th of June

Fresh to strong NE-E'ly breezes will be the norm from this morning through tomorrow morning from near 38N south to 34N.  The associated swells will gradually build as the vessel progresses south, with sets in excess of 8 ft becoming more common from tomorrow midday onward to Bermuda (these will tend moderate in period at 6-8 seconds apart).  The winds are forecast to peak in strength tomorrow afternoon through evening near 35N-34W, with near GALE sustained NE-E'ly winds gusting to GALE force in squalls.

The winds are expected to veer from NE-E'ly to SE-S'ly late tomorrow night near and south of 34N, and will be initially strong to near GALE.   Rough wind-driven chop is likely to mix in on top of the NE-E'ly swells already in place.  The SE-S'ly breezes will gradually ease to moderate to fresh breezes during the 20th between 34N-32N as the above mentioned LOW moves NW'ward. S'ly swells on the bow will be in place nearing Bermuda.

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Friday, 17h of June

Gentle to moderate NE-E'ly breezes associated with a ridge of HIGH PRESSURE building south from New England are in place from near 40N south to 38N, with stronger winds south of there (lighter airs will be in place north of 40N). These NE-E'ly will become moderate to fresh in strength this afternoon and persist through tomorrow morning as the ridging interacts with a series of LOW pressures tracking near Bermuda.

By tomorrow midday, these NE-E'ly winds will become strong and widespread from near 38N south through Bermuda. There will be overall little change in this through the 20th. There will be frequent periods of near GALE force winds, especially from 36N south to Bermuda from tomorrow afternoon through the 20th. Wind gusts to GALE to strong GALE will be prevalent near Bermuda and north to 35N during the 19th-20th due to the developing LOW in the area coinciding with numerous areas of squalls. Winds are forecast to veer to SE-S'ly at Bermuda north to 34N during the 20th.

For swells, these will remain below 6 ft from coastal S'rn New England south to near 38N during the next 3 days. Larger swell sets up 10 ft will be present from today through the 20th due to active weather and these will be fairly short in period. 

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Thursday, 16th of June

Broad ridging initially across s'rn New England will bring about benign conditions and light winds over the first 24 hours or so of the race. Winds initially will tend somewhat variable, though with the onset of daytime heating, the light SW winds currently offshore will tend to build n'ward and onshore but likely at not much more than 10kts.

Tonight, light winds initially between 41N-40N will become more definitive NE'ly and tend to increase through tonight and tomorrow as the ridging begins to build more earnestly across the region. By tomorrow morning, winds NE'ly 12-17kts will be the average between 41N-39N, with even stronger NE'lys farther south. And these winds will freshen further through tomorrow and tomorrow night, tending to shift s'ward all the while. By the morning of the 18th, expect winds to be NE-E averaging near 25kts between 39N and 36N, with winds being lighter farther north.

The region of stronger NE-E winds will continue to shift s'ward into and through the 19th. By the morning of the 19th, NE-E winds will average near 30kts between 37N and 33N, with scattered squalls also near the s'rn boundary of these enhanced winds as well. Periods of GALE force NE-E winds will be possible nearest the front itself near 33-34N during the 19th. 

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