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Welcome to Pantaenius Yacht Insurance's behind-the-scenes coverage of the Newport Bermuda Race. As you track your favorites across 635 nautical miles, pour yourself a perfect Dark 'n' Stormy (recipe below) and keep reading to:

  • Learn some fascinating facts about this year's 51st "Thrash to the Onion Patch."
  • Feel the excitement of participating in the NBR through shared memories from skippers and crew who have been there, done that—and have fascinating tales to tell.
  • Get pumped about the future of sailing by reading all about how a crew of teens


The Newport Bermuda Race by the Numbers
With a history that counts 50 races, 5,322 boats, approximately 52,000 sailors, and a grand total of some 3,200,000 miles of blue water sailed to date, no wonder the Newport Bermuda Race remains the race to take part in. Here’s a snapshot of some fascinating statistics:


Captains and Crew Share their Most Memorable NBR Moments
Racing from Newport to Bermuda involves sailing 635 nautical miles across one of the most challenging stretches of the Atlantic Ocean. Depending on weather conditions, this is a race that can be won by large yachts, small yachts, or yachts falling somewhere in the middle of the fleet.


The future of sailing: High Noon Set the Pace for Young American Sailors
A teenage  crew shocked the Newport to Bermuda fleet in 2016, crossing the finish, second to Comanche, winning the Stephens Brothers Youth Prize, and placing third in the St. David’s Lighthouse Division. 

Dark ‘n’ Stormy
What sailor doesn’t look forward to a Dark ‘n’ Stormy that beckons at Bermuda’s finish line? There’s some fascinating trivia behind this national drink of Bermuda. For starters, it was invented by Bermudan naval officers more than 100 years ago—just after World War I.